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The website to find everything you ever needed to know about Natural health. This is a membership based website With links to most of the best natural health websites around the world. The site opened with over 500 website listed for linking and since then other major natural health websites are being linked along with the listed sites at rapid rates.


Natural health is an industry which will continue to grow due to the proliferation of disease around the world. Natural health is joining conventional medicine in every field to reverse most of the chronic diseases and bring quality of life back to the human race.. Which products have a value is especially important and you will find them here.
Also complaints will be followed up and shonky products will be removed from the listings.

Natural Food

Natural is the only way to get healthy and just try taking a fitness pill. Fitness is always natural as it comes from using the body repeatedly. Health is the same and it is time to take back responsibility for our health. Doctors do a great job of patching us up when we damage the body but there was never a pill or a potion which made us healthy. Nutritional foods are still the number one then valuable supplements coming from nature. Fitness and exercise, massage and the many natural treatments. Then mental health with guidance and support but there is still a natural way.

To take responsibility for your health you need information. You need to know how and why each part of your health works. And there are hundreds of thousands of websites with useful information on every aspect of health. So how do you find those which have a genuine natural connection which is necessary for our personal growth and development. Thats where this website comes in. Search for any topic and you will find the natural answers, The way that worked hundreds or thousands of years ago and that still is the the only total path to health and fitness. We also make a point of leaving out the scammer websites which sell useless product at high prices.

Natural Care

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This site has been created by healthybodyclub, To address the difficulty in accessing quality information about all aspects of natural health. Presentations will be made by these organisations and many others who are permanently linked to natural health. The site will also bring together social opportunities for healthy people in clubs such as raw foods and healthy body clubs, A dating site for healthy people, A charity group and eventually over 100 specific interest communication sites for teen

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